Wednesday, February 3, 2010


As I was browsing on the internet about interesting facts on alcoholism, I came across one which caught my eye...the fact is:

"Alcohol and caffeine are the two most widely abused substances in the world"

Compared to many substances that are abused (food, sex, shopping, cutting, etc) ALCOHOL and caffeine are the most used. Caffeine is understandable because some people drink coffee like two or three times daily and children or adults drink pepsi all the time(for all those who didn't know that soda has caffeine in it lol)

Alcohol is a depressant. . but people drink for social reasons. Some people cannot socialize with others without a drink. Unfortunately, people abuse their one glass of wine to the whole bottle (stick a straw and the bottle and go "type of thing") Certain people take drinking to another level, as far as they drink to pass that "tipsy" line(or to pass out) or consistently drinking to make themselves feel better. Honestly, either way you look at it, its not healthy.
Drinking is fun, to a further extinct. There's nothing wrong with drinking but when drinking takes over your life, then its a PROBLEM. For example, going out to a bar to have a few drinks with a group of friends and ya'll having good time is FUN. . DRINKING until you cannot see and you wake up in the morning in another person's bed and trying to put the pieces together is a PROBLEM!!!!
Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has suffered from a bad night of drinking (even me lol) but it was never like a "OMG! What Happen Last Night Or ME Regreting anything (Thank GOODNESS) but seriously, you can drink without developing a problem or a habit you cannot break away from.
Well this was my First blog (never the last) because I have a lot of fun facts and figures (maybe tips) soon to come!!!
Until next time Guys (and drink safe and responsibly)
Jasmine J. :-)

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